Saturday, 6 November 2010

Chris's sweet and sour tofu

(Please excuse the Photoshop additions. Chris decided to take the photo on the diagonal which just looked odd to me. So I went to straighten it and then got carried away playing and it's late so now I'm thinking, 'Oh, that'll do!')

Chris has used Rhonda Parkinson's sweet and sour sauce recipelots of times. It only takes 5 minutes and always works perfectly.

Chris fried chopped tofu then added onion, carrot and peppers. He fried them all up for a little while, added the sauce and served with boiled rice. So much for my efforts with 30 minute meals! Chris's probably only took 20 minutes and still tasted like a Saturday night treat. Come to think of it, he didn't make pudding, but then he probably knew I wouldn't fit it in. Look at the size of those portions!

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