Monday, 5 October 2009

Chocolate mug cake

So I carved my first pumpkin of the year. Okay, so he's not a work of art but I think he's sweet. I tried to make him extra friendly looking so as not to frighten Tabitha.

This evening I really fancied pudding, more specifically, chocolate cake. I had a lot of stuff to do so baking a cake wasn't an option. Fortunately I have this killer recipe for chocolate mug cake. It takes just three minutes from walking into the kitchen to skipping back out again with your cake. I use white flour and leave out the sugar because the drinking chocolate is sweet enough. I wish I had known about this recipe when I was a student. I used to save money by not buying chocolate and making chocolate cake instead. But then I used to also save time so that I would have more time to study (ha ha, blatant lie) by microwaving it instead of baking it. It was usually just about edible but certainly not delicious. But then my chocolate cravings were so strong that I'd have eaten anything with cocoa in. I even ate it once when I managed to melt the cake into the plastic plate I'd used. I did eat round the melted bit. Anyway, chocolate mug cake - very nice and definitely worth making and far better than my student efforts.

P.S. The cream in the photo is cashew cream. I won't link to the recipe because it wasn't actually all that great! I'm on the look out for a better one.

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