Monday, 19 October 2009

Cornbread muffins and semifreddo

Got a new muffin tray! To celebrate I made the cornbread from La Dolce Vegan and made it into muffin shapes instead of a loaf. They were pretty good with a lovely texture but I didn't add sugar because I don't like sweet cornbread. Next time I'll add something savoury instead of sugar, maybe Braggs or miso, because they were a little bland this time around. With that, I made some veggies in a creamy sauce. I had mine with tommy ketchup too but I didn't photograph that!

Semifreddo seems to mean many different things depending where in Italy or the world you are. We've been to Turin a few times and Chris loves the semifreddo you get there. I've never seen a vegan version of it so I've never had it but whenever Chris has it it looks really good and he raves about it. This was my attempt at replicating it ...

I whizzed up Raspberry Swedish Glace, Cremovita vegan whipped cream, chocolate chips and my favourite biscuits, pink wafers. I asked Chris if it was anything like semifreddo and he said,  'Not really'. It was a bit like Angel Delight though, which I have been craving recently, so I was happy! Next time I'm going to try it with vanilla ice cream and chunks of cake to hopefully get it closer to semifreddo di Torino.

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