Saturday, 24 October 2009

Using dried beans

Another of Chris's creations - courgettes fried with cannellini beans, tofu, tomato puree, soy sauce and miso on top of basmati rice. It was really yummy comfort food.

The cannellini beans were bought dried. We soaked them overnight and boiled them for 40 minutes before using them.Soaking and boiling beans is a bit of a pain but we did a big load of them so now we have plenty in the fridge, ready to use for other things. Not only are they really cheap but they're handy for adding protein to our meals and our baby's meals too. She eats such a a small amount that sometimes it's difficult to think what to make for her. If I have cooked beans ready, I can just take a few out of the fridge and mash them up. She loves them with cous cous, avocado, toast ...

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